Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday of Holy Week: The Mighty Seven Church Walk

Yeehaw!  Hey we did it!  Today's seven church pilgrimage walk was a massive success, thanks a ton for all the prayers.  Our weather today was sunny in the mid 60s with a cool breeze; it could not have been any better.  Certainly a fitting way to end Lent, and after all of it I am quite tuckered out... but after six weeks of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, here we are on the eve of the Triduum, the holiest three days of the year.  It's time for us to step back now and let God do what He does best.

In lieu of a bunch of pictures, I decided to post another video of everything.  Sorry for the length ahead of time, it's almost 9 minutes in length, but I had to fit in seven churches!  Hopefully you'll at least stay entertained with the tunes I included.  Not soundtrack music this time around, but I figured I wouldn't go wrong with a little O.A.R. and some Mumford and Sons.  So here you have it, the Lenten seven church pilgrimage of Rome:

A final and big thank you again for all your prayers over the Lenten season.  I said at the beginning I would need them to persevere in my resolutions, and -- would you look at that -- I almost can't believe that I actually wrote on my blog five days a week for the past month and a half, and made it to every weekday station church liturgy.  Well except once, but I get a pass on that because there was a papal audience going on.  But the point is this: over the past six weeks we all just witnessed prayer make the impossible happen.  And for that you have my gratitude.  God is good.

So I'm signing off now for a bit to spend the next 10 or so days resting, praying, and witnessing the glory of saving grace.  Thursday evening we watch and pray, Friday we weep, Saturday we wait, and Sunday I pray we rejoice with all our might.  Come Lord Jesus and save us...

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