Saturday, August 4, 2012

A small view of the City of Peace

Alright, well I went ahead and took a video of my place of refuge here in Assisi.  This will show you much more quickly and fully the general layout of my living situation.  I'll update again here in a few days with some highlights of my first week in Assisi, and then another entry with some highlights of my second week.  Hopefully this will get me all caught up!!

After loading the vid, I am noticing that the image quality has been significantly reduced.  If I can find out a way to remedy this a bit, I will attempt to do so and repost it.  But in the meantime enjoy the views!


  1. Brian, if you get a chance, go up the mountain to the hermitage where St. Francis stayed. Also, if you continue climbing it has some pretty sweet views as well.

  2. Brian,
    All of us at St. Martha Council 10006 are so proud of you. Personally, is it such a privilege to know an individual whom God has called into His sacred ministry. You are in my prayers each and every day and I thing of your process often. Please send email so I can communitate in less of a pulic forum.
    Peace My Brother, Vivat Jesus!
    Bob McGowan

  3. Brian, I have been enjoying your blog very much. It is so timely for me that you have been in Assisi because I've been reading a book by Fr. Murray Bodo called "Francis, the Journey and the Dream" It is exciting to see the place where St. Francis lived his life and established the Franciscan Order. You are in my prayers daily and I will ask my brother Knights to remember you as well.
    Enjoy the Journey.
    Frank Fortier GK